Commercial Landscape

Broderick’s has completed  many commercial projects for some of Lancaster County’s best contractors.  Whether it is a town home, new school, church, pump station or athletic field, Broderick’s has done it.
Broderick’s knows how important a schedule is, meet goals and get the job done right the first time. Broderick’s offers very competitive bidding from small to large projects all over the Susquehanna Valley.
Do you have a project you are bidding?? Give us a call, we will be glad to give you a competitive quote.
The 5 benefits of designing your place of work.
  1. The way it makes you feel to arrive and leave is improved

  2. Your employees will have a nice break area

  3. Planting trees will improve noise reduction

  4. Healthy grass will soak up water runoff.

  5. Natural air conditioner. On average having vegetation reduces temperatures.

The 5 Services Broderick’s Provides
  1. Irrigation and water management

  2. Annual color installation

  3. Lawncare and Mowing 

  4. Tree and shrub pruning

  5. Spraying and Fertilizers

Investment with Incredible returns

In an interview with Jason Boerger (Marketing Manager at Bobcat) He disclosed that hardscape systems in the workplace are investments that show a beneficial return in the end.

With a traditional Vegetation Landscape, water management becomes another issue for some business owners. However, with the installation of a Hardscape System it’s proven that water management becomes little to no cost.

Understanding the Dangers

Any contractor who works on open job sites understands the potential danger of subsurface work. Before working on large areas of space understanding runoff and pooling points in the ground are as important as the design and maintenance of your business’s exterior